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San Francisco Bay Area - Palo Alto, San Carlos

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Sue Ballew
CFI of the Year 2012
West Valley Flying Club

Professional Pilot of the Year 2012
Southwest Section
The Ninety-Nines, Inc.

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 Learning to Fly SF Bay Area
Learning to Fly 
SF Bay Area

Flying Lesson over San Francisco 
Flying Lesson over 
San Francisco

Learn to Fly at San Carlos Airport 
Learn to Fly at
San Carlos Airport

Learn to Fly at Palo Alto Airport 
Flight Instructing 
in a Cessna

The Blue Angels - San Francisco Bay Area 
 Learn to Fly at Palo Alto Airport

Flying over the Salt Flats - San Francisco Bay Area

Flying Lessons near
Leslie Salt

 The awesome view during Flying Lessons in a Cessna

The awesome view during flying lessons in a Cessna 

 Learning to Fly over Sausalito - SF Bay Area
 Learning to Fly
SF Bay Area

 Instructing in a Cessna
 The Blue Angels
SF Bay Area

 Aviation chart for navigation during Flying Lessons
 Aviation chart for navigation during
Flying Lessons

 Flying to Lake Tahoe
Flying to Lake Tahoe
                                   "Live the Dream...Learn to Fly" 

Have you always dreamed of learning to fly?  If you have found your way to this website, you have made the first step to becoming a pilot!  Every pilot I know grew up dreaming of flying like a bird up in the sky, through the clouds and trees, or flying like Superman.

Contact me today to find out how I can help you learn to fly.

I am an experienced professional flight instructor and give flying lessons all over the San Francisco Bay Area particularly at Palo Alto and San Carlos Airports.  I have been flying and teaching pilots to learn to fly in complex airspace like the Bay Area since 1999.  Having flown for the airlines as a professional pilot, I am a full time flight instructor now and will be here for the long term.

I utilize a structured syllabus to teach you how to learn to fly. But, I tailor my flying lessons and teaching style to the individual based on your background, temperament, and your unique ways of learning and absorbing material.

We can schedule your flying lessons on weekends or weekdays as my schedule is very flexible.

Finding the right flight instructor to learn to fly is important.  You want a Certified Flight Instructor whose teaching style and personality clicks with you and makes you feel safe and comfortable.

Why not schedule an "Introductory Flight" with me and see if we click?  You can  go to the Contact page and send me an email or purchase the Introductory Flight on the Introductory page.

The top 5 questions you may have about learning to fly:

     What can I expect when I learn to fly?  
  •    How much do flying lessons cost? 
  •    What is required to get my pilots license?
  •    How long does it take to get my pilots license?
  •    Should I learn to fly at a Flight School or a Flying Club?  

"Get answers to your questions about Learning to Fly"                            
  And, "learn why many choose a Female Flight Instructor" 

Learn more about Learning to Fly on my Blog at:   "Sky Blog - Learn to Fly...Then Stay Current"  

Cessna is a fun and exciting airplane.
  Learn to Fly today!!




"The San Francisco Bay Area is not an easy place to learn to fly.  SFO is right next door, even the small airports are busy, and runways are frequently surrounded by water, rising terrain, and residential areas.  Fortunately for me, I had Sue Ballew as an instructor. Besides being a phenomenally good pilot, Sue is absolutely dedicated to providing top-quality instruction. If I didn't get a maneuver, or was having difficulty in some area, she would patiently explain or demonstrate as many times, or in as many ways as was necessary. Most importantly to me, she was invested in my success. She insisted on the best from herself, and from me. From her I learned to fly safely, to fly with precision, and above all else to enjoy my time in the airplane. If you are looking for an instructor you can do no better."         Ben F

"Sue is an amazing flight instructor. Clear, to the point, easy to understand, respectful of student's concerns, exuding competence without any BS. And she clearly loves to fly. I highly recommend Sue to anyone who wants to learn to fly!"       Patti C

"I highly recommend Sue as a certified pilot instructor (CFI). She is highly qualified and experienced, and has a passion for flying. Although she will not train you to fly jets, I like that she was a professional airliner pilot because it validates her level of professionalism. She also has thousands hours of experience as a CFI, and her knowledge of the field is truly impressive.

If you are looking for a CFI who can train you well on how to fly a single engine aircraft like a Cessna, as well as everything you need to know to get you out of trouble the day you need it, Sue is the one. With her, you will form good habits and that is a good part of flying safely. I feel like I am being taught by the best, and I would not want less quality when it comes to my training".      Patrick V


 Flying over the SF Bay Area


  The Ninety-Nines, Inc 
 West Valley Flying Club
Int'l  Org. of
Women Pilots
 Aircraft Owners
and Pilots
 West Valley
Flying Club


 National Association of Flight Instructors Seaplane Pilots Association  Women of Aviation 
Assoc. of Flight

"When once you have tasted flight,
you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward…
for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."

                                                        Leonardo DaVinci


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