Bay Area Flying Lessons


Introductory Flight Lesson...Learning to Fly
                  San Francisco Bay Area - Palo Alto, San Carlos

  Introductory Flight in a Cessna
Introductory Flight over the Bay Area

Introductory Flight Cessna Panel

Your first Introductory Flight Lesson will include:

An introduction and orientation to flying, aerodynamics and how the airplane flys, preflight inspection, a brief discussion of the San Francisco air space, instruction on how to taxi and take-off, departure and arrival procedures from your airport, and up to a 30 - 40 minute instructional flight, (including taxi and runup), around the Bay Area.  You will get to take the controls and feel what it is like to actually fly the Airplane!

After your Introductory Flight we will take some pictures, and you will have had an introduction to one of the most exiting experiences of your life!

The Introductory Flight lessons will be conducted at either the Palo Alto Airport or San Carlos Airport.  The flight will be in a Cessna 172 - a four seat airplane.

Also included will be information and discussion on how to begin your flight training, the structure of the Private Pilot Course, books and equipment, scheduling, and costs. In addition, you will get a coupon for six free issues of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's AOPA Flight Training magazine, and a six-month trial AOPA membership.                                   

The cost for your Introductory Flight training package in the C172 is $258 to include up to 2 hours of instructor time and 30 - 40 minutes of airplane time. 

Just select the appropriate button on this page to purchase, or go to "Contact" and send me an email to get started with an Introductory Flight.  All flights are weather dependent.

What is the # 1 question asked on the Introductory Flight?  Schedule your Introductory flight to find out.
Introductory Flights

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(All purchases
are non refundable after 3 days. Applicable transaction fees + 25% apply for any refund
. Rescheduled flights due to weather
may be redeemed for an equal value for another date and time. Purchase price VALID FOR ONE YEAR from date of purchase and must be redeemed within one year. 48 hour cancellation notice applies or full amount will be charged/forfeited, excluding weather cancellations. Waiver must be signed.  Minimum age - 16 years. Weight restriction applies).

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